Who are we?

Free the Tree is an International group of citizens that have decided to band together in order to
pressure their elected officials into legalizing Cannabis.
We are aware that Corporations are lobbying internationally, some for and other against legalization and we have decided to
stop waiting by until “it comes to us”. 
Using our community tool, we get together, share info and plan actions locally, nationally and internationally
in order to end prohibition!

What is Citizen Lobbying?

Lobbying is a valuable skill, and one often underutilized by local grassroots organizations. Lobbying is a form of advocacy directed at influencing the actions of elected officials.
Your elected officials are in office to represent you, their constituents and not the groups currently pressuring the elected officials.
Citizen Lobbying, is the action of citizens pressuring their elected officials for change.

What to expect on our Citizen Lobbying Platform?

Our platform has 2 main functionalities. The first, a listing of elected officials and their contact information. This list is built
and is maintained collectively.
The second are what we call lobbying groups. Within these groups people organise in order to act. You can join any group or
create a new one in order to start being part of the change 🙂

How to make a difference with Free the Tree

As we said in the previous point, within the platform you can join groups, create new one or contact directly elected officials, so the first step to making a difference? Join us!
From there you will be able to interact freely with others and find the way to act that best suits you 😉

What is the Communities Plan?

We have multiple objectives which you can all find in our manifesto but to summarize, we aim at:

1. Increasing the education around Marijuana. Whether this is the medical applications, recreational use or industrial capabilities.

2. Give citizens a way to influence the decision making of their elected officials. We are all too aware that finance influences this so we aim at counter-balancing corporate lobbying with citizen lobbying.
Today, the target is Cannabis Legalization, tomorrow it can be anything you want.

3. While we legalize and open the Cannabis market in different regions, we aim at making sure all people can access this market, especially ones who have directly been impacted by the prohibition

Marijuana Legalization - The Next Steps

Step 1 - Crowdfunding Launch

In order to develop the Citizen Lobbying Platform we will start a Crowdfunding Campaign during the month of September 2018 in order to raise the funds needed.
The goal is to launch the Citizen Lobbying Platform for September 2018.

Step 2 - Develop the Citizen Lobbying Platform (CLP)

The Citizen Lobbying Platform will mainly be composed of a listing of Elected officials of their country and communication tools.
The objective will be to:

  • Allow Citizens easily contact Elected officials
  • Organize actions locally, Nationally and Internationally
  • Communicate, Share knowledge and ressources
  • Make our Elected Official hear that it’s time for Cannabis to be legal, in all it’s forms

(Users that participate in the Crowdfunding will get access to the Bêta version 😉 )

Step 3 - Launch the CLP

Once we’ve got a stable version and bêta users give the GO we will launch the Marijuana’s Lobbying Platform to the public!
At this point, the name of the game will be to increase awareness and get citizens to start using the tool.
The more people on the platform the more calls and emails represented officials will get in the next step ^^

Step 4.a - We Start Contacting Elected Officials

Once there are enough users in a country the goal will be to start contacting the local, regional and national elected officials.
The idea is to start by sending simple emails, sharing “pro-legalization” stance.
With a large number of simple emails, officials will start to realize that there’s a large number of their constituants that are pro-legalization in their district, and that these constituants starting to be ready ready to act.

Step 4.b - Improve Global Knowledge around Marijuana

Another important fight is to educate the global public on Cannabis. Many people still have in mind the stoner that doesn’t do anything of his life.
With this image the fight for legalization is much harder than it should be. Through education we can achieve legalization through global consensus much easier.

In order to do so we will offer community members to group around interest groups in order to start national and international conversations under the same banner, Free The Tree! 

People with medical knowledge will educate on the medical advantages, others economical knowledge will explain how and why it’s positive for the economy, engineers can explain how Hemp Oil can be used for plastics, fuel, paper and much more.

Different fields under the banner will show the enormous potential of Cannabis, and hopefully remove the dangerous image linked to it since the 1930’s

Step 5 - National and International Events for Legalization

Visibility on a National and International level will be necessary in order to have a strong and quick impact.

Citizens will have the possibility to join up groups within their country to help organize events in favor of legalization but also to share the events, knowledge and more to groups in other countries.

This will allow us to avoid repeating mistakes, show that we are organized on an international level and get more media attention.

Step 6 - Community members Push for Legalization in Their Country or State

Once Citizens in a country feel like it’s time they will push the proposition elaborated together to their government.

Here’s a proposition for the communities belief and demand, obviously it will evolve as we grow:

Free the Tree Community Beliefs

  • We, the Free the Tree Community, believe that Marijuana in all its usages should be legal and regulated.
  • The income receive by this new taxed product should be used in priority for:
    • Universal Health Care funds
    • Universal Retirement funds
    • The increase of quality of life in low income area’s
  • People that have had legal issues linked to Marijuana should be offered free training in order to find a job in this new field, if they wish to do so.
    These training programs are also to be funded with the new source of income.
  • Proven Medical Usages are to be widely approved.
    It is unethical that a known medicine without side effects can be refused while one with known side effects is administered
  • Research on Usages Medical Marijuana should be put on the fast lane

3 Reasons Why Cannabis Should Stay illegal Reviewed

(Good to debunk those good ol’ views)

Join the Lobby for Marijuana Legalization!

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