Who are we?

Free the Tree is an International group of citizens that have decided to band together in order to
pressure their elected officials into legalizing Cannabis.
We are aware that Corporations are lobbying internationally, some for and other against legalization and we have decided to
stop waiting by until “it comes to us”. 
Using our community tool, we get together, share info and plan actions locally, nationally and internationally
in order to end prohibition!

What will our Citizen Lobbying Platform look like?

Before using the citizen lobbying tool on free the tree we’re rolling it out on the subject of the climate through United4Earth

We’ve done a little video showing the tool being used in South Carolina. The same tool will be deployed here on 4/20 2019! 🙂

Citizen Lobbying Tool Launch in


What is Citizen Lobbying?

Lobbying is a valuable skill, and one often underutilized by local grassroots organizations. Lobbying is a form of advocacy directed at influencing the actions of elected officials.
Your elected officials are in office to represent you, their constituents and not the groups currently pressuring the elected officials.
Citizen Lobbying, is the action of citizens pressuring their elected officials for change.

What is the Communities Plan?

We have multiple objectives and they will evolve collectively; for the moment, we aim at:

1. Increasing the education around Marijuana. Whether this is the medical applications, recreational use or industrial capabilities.

2. Give citizens a way to influence the decision making of their elected officials. We are all too aware that finance influences this so we aim at counter-balancing corporate lobbying with citizen lobbying.
Today, the target is Cannabis Legalization, tomorrow it can be anything you want.

3. While we legalize and open the Cannabis market in different regions, we aim at making sure all people can access this market, especially ones who have directly been impacted by the prohibition, not big corporations

3 Reasons Why Cannabis Should Stay illegal Reviewed

(Good to debunk those good ol’ views)

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We’re currently working on the presentation of the tool for the crowdfunding campaign, we want it to be nice and clean 🙂
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